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Are you worried about an HMRC enquiry? 

HMRC tax and VAT enquiries can be daunting, disruptive and expensive. Fuller Spurling will assist you every step of the way to answer HMRC’s questions and to demonstrate you are paying the correct amount of tax. 

What is the Tax & VAT Enquiry Fee Protection Service? 

Just as you take out contents insurance to protect your home or business, our Tax & VAT Enquiry Fee Protection Service protects you against the unforeseen costs of our expertise and time that are necessarily incurred when we are dealing with an HMRC enquiry into your affairs. These costs are not included in your regular annual fees 
Our Tax and VAT fee Protection scheme will cover personal tax and business tax enquiries up to £100,000 worth of fees; for businesses it also covers VAT and PAYE enquiries. Subject to certain limits the directors and partners of a business and their spouses are included in the business protection fee where we are appointed as the tax agents for their tax returns. 
This service even covers tax returns submitted 90 days after the statutory deadline. 
Please note that this is a special service that is only available to our clients. We buy an insurance policy from Croner Taxwise Ltd on your behalf and pass on the cost with a small additional charge to cover administration costs. We do not intend to make money from this arrangement, but rather we plan to give peace of mind to our clients, knowing that our costs can be covered by insurance. 

What extra value can I obtain if I take up the scheme? 

Business clients are entitled to access to a dedicated team of consultants and advisors via a Commercial Legal Advice Line covering employment law advice and business health and safety advice 

Why do I need the Tax & VAT Enquiry Fee Protection Service? 

All business and personal taxpayers are at risk of enquiry. HMRC activity has been at unprecedented levels for a number of years to the point where enquiries are commonplace. 
Even if the tax man finds no errors, our time costs helping you deal with HMRC can still be substantial. 
For a modest amount you can enjoy peace of mind that Fuller Spurling can deal with the tax authorities on your behalf and you will not be subject to any additional expense. We make a claim on our policy so there is nothing for you to do in terms of dealing with insurers. 

What’s excluded? 

Criminal prosecutions and fraud. 
Enquiries that have commenced prior to subscribing to the service. 
Enquiries into Returns which have been submitted to HMRC more than 90 days late. 
Routine compliance work, eg. preparing tax returns. 
Enquiries relating to tax avoidance arrangements 

The next step 

To ensure you are protected in the event of an HMRC Enquiry and to receive the necessary representation from Fuller Spurling without any concern over the amount of additional fees that will be incurred please contact us without delay. 

Peace of mind comes as standard 

Insurance cover is provided by Croner Taxwise Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Policy is underwritten by Irwell Insurance Co Ltd. (Financial Services Register number 202897). 
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